There are 3 ways you can rent from Tie A Bow

Option 1 - Online: Go to our "Collection" page, choose the items you wish to rent, add them to the cart, pay and they are booked.

Option 2 - Email Consultation: Reach out via e-mail, and we can hep you choosing which table tops, backdrops and furniture you should rent to bring your party themed to life. We also offer a dessert table and or full set up mock up service for a fee. Contact us for more information.

Option 3 - Come to our Showroom: You can come showroom (51 Sindle Avenue - Little Falls) by appointment only, and choose the items you wish to rent. 



How can I make an appointment to visit the showroom ?

Contact us at

How long can I stay at the showroom during my appointment?

Each appointment will have a 45min duration. 

Will I be able to do a mock up?


Can I bring guests?

Yes! You can bring people with you. However, I do not recommend bringing small children (1-3 years old). All my inventory is easily accessible and there are a lot of props and breakable rentals at the children's reach. For your and your child safety's, bringing them is not recommended.

Can I bring personal items that I want to use?

Yes! You can bring personal items, pictures, your phone with you Pinterest folder, etc.


Does Tie a Bow deliver and pick-up?

Yes, we do!

Please fill out the delivery form found below in order to inquiry about delivery. On the bottom of the form you can also see an estimate delivery fee. 


Does Tie a Bow set up?

Yes. We assemble and dismantle furniture, backdrop or any other items for an extra fee. Please contact us for more information. 

Can I get my rentals myself?

Absolutely. Just come to our location to pick-up and return you rentals. This service is free of charge.

When can I get my rental items for a weekend event?

Customer pick-up and/or Tie a Bow delivery will be on Friday, and customer return and/or Tie a Bow pick-up will be on Monday.

When can I get my rental items for a midweek event?

Customer pick-up and/or Tie a Bow delivery will be on Tuesday, and customer return and/or Tie a Bow pick-up will be on Thursday.

How much do I pay if I a break or damage an item?

We know accidents happen and Tie a Bow will completely understand if any of its items get damaged or broken. However, Tie a Bow has a commitment with its clients and in order to replace damaged or broken items quickly, it is mandatory that you provide a credit card number that will be on file in case we need to charge your card for the full replacement value for any damaged, broken or missing items.

It is very important that you know that rental value is different than replacement value. In the case of damaged or missing items, Tie a Bow will charge your credit card on file the replacement value of the item(s). Each item has a replacement value which is significantly more than the rental value. 

Do I get a refund if I cancel my order?

Tie a Bow does not issue refunds for rentals.