Welcome To Tie a Bow

Have you ever tried to come up with decoration ideas for your loved one’s celebration and found yourself running to five different stores, buying things you will never use again, just to get that perfect dessert table you were looking for?

Well, we are very glad you found us!

Welcome to Tie a Bow, an online boutique rental company with hand-picked cake stands, dessert displays, and decoration items.

At Tie a Bow we offer a fine selection of hand-picked items ready to etch the beauty of your decorations into the memory of your guests. Check out our “Get Inspired” page to do just that! Browse through pictures of our unique items set up in beautiful displays and settings. Remember to check back with us as we are always looking to add new and exciting pieces to our rental collection.

Our Story

Claudia is Native of Brazil and a mother of three children who has always tried to come up with fun, unique decoration ideas and themes to celebrate special occasions in her family from her own baby showers, to her children’s birthdays, to Mother’s Day, to her husband’s 40th birthday party.

Claudia had the inspiration to open Tie a Bow while running around to many different stores trying to find decoration items and food displays that would go along with the party theme she was planning. In the end, she would end up with a number of items that she would never use again and now had to find storage for in her basement and attic.

Claudia searched and searched for a place that would simply let you rent decorations and food displays with no luck. She couldn’t find a store that would provide the delicate, handcrafted items to rent that she was looking for. Tie a Bow was born.

Tie a Bow products are both US made as well as imported from artists around the world. Claudia uses her personal taste in order to choose the items in her collection. She appreciates handcrafted items and believes that the secret of a beautiful decoration is a mixture of old, new, textures, colors, and materials.

Tie a Bow was founded with party lovers of all types in mind; those who know exactly what they want and those who aren’t quite sure and are looking for some inspiration.